Projector Screen Equipment For Rent

When you need to rent a projector screen in Miami, you should go with the company that offers you the widest possible selection of screens and projectors to ensure you get the screen that’s ideal for your upcoming event - and that company is Projector Screen Rentals. We offer plenty of choices when it comes to projector screen rentals in Ft Lauderdale, and all of our projector screens come at extremely affordable prices. Our selection of screens include:

Ambient Light Rejecting Screens - Popular for their ability to reflect ambient light away from the viewer that would otherwise compromise the viewing experience. A popular option if you’re looking to rent a projector screen in Miami.

Electric Projector Screens - Controlled via remote control, electric projector screens are popular projector screen rentals in Ft Lauderdale for their ease of installation, use and removal. Once you’ve decided where the screen needs to go, it just has to be mounted and then it will deploy itself automatically with the push of a button.

Manual Projector Screens - Extremely cost effective screen solutions, manual screens must be pulled down and rolled back up into their housing manually, but are far and away the most cost effective solution when looking into audio visual equipment rentals in south Florida.

Tripod Projector Screens - If you need a projector screen rental in Miami that is incredibly easy to move around, a tripod projector screen is the perfect choice. With a simple lift and fold of the legs, you can move the screen around to wherever it is you need it, making it perfect for events where you need both your screen and your projector to be mobile.

Tabletop Projector Screens - An ideal solution when you’re looking for a projector screen rental in Ft Lauderdale, tabletop screens are useful for their portability, mobility and ease of use. Simply prop it onto the conference table and turn the projector on!

Rear Projection Screens - When you need to rent a projector screen in Miami but don’t have the room for your projector to be able to project onto a screen in a conventional manner (facing the screen), a rear projection screen allows you to put your projector behind the screen itself, without a loss of visual quality.

Large Venue Screens - Audio visual equipment rentals in south Florida aren’t complete without large venue projector screens, designed for massive events where big crowds are expected. If you’re looking to rent a projector screen in Miami that is over 140” in size (diagonally), then ask our staff about large venue screens.



Project Screen Rentals also provides full service event production services as well as providing equipment rentals. Our services range from simply delivering our audio rental equipment to your location, to delivery + setup of the audio equipment rentals at your event, to fully producing your entire event from design to execution. If you're interested in hiring us to produce your entire event, don't hesitate to give us a call and discuss details. View all of our Event Production Services

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Draper FocalPoint 8 x 6 ft (43)
Projector Screen

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Draper FocalPoint 14 x 7.9 ft (169)
Projector Screen

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Draper FocalPoint 14 x 8.75 ft (1610)
Projector Screen

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